About this Hub

KLAX, also known as Mines Field, opened in 1930 on 640 acres of Wheat Fields, 18 miles SW of downtown Los Angeles in the district of Westchester, Los Angeles County. it consisted of two dirt landing strips. In 1949, Mines Field was renamed its current title, "Los Angeles International Airport". Today, KLAX covers over 3500 acres, consists of four parallel runways over 9,000 feet in length, and is the 2nd busiest airport in the United States of America. In 2017, KLAX saw more than 84 million passengers. Los Angeles International Airport is also known as the gateway to the Pacific Rim. In addition to it's 101 domestic flights, KLAX also serves 85 international destinations. You'll know you've arrived when you see the iconic "Encounter Restaurant" that resembles a Flying Saucer.

Fun Fact:

The X in KLAX doesn't have a meaning... It was added to the original airport code "LA" in 1947, due to the growth of the airline Industry.

Hub Operations Staff

Hub Manager

 DAL5454 Jordan C

The Hub Manager is responsible for any and all hub operations pertaining to Los Angeles. The Hub Manager is responsible for approving PIREPs, as well as answering questions from hub pilots.

Assistant Hub Manager

 DAL6093 Joshua D

The Assistant Hub Manager is responsible for hub operations pertaining to Los Angeles. Their primary functions are to assist Hub Managers with the approval of PIREPs, and communications with pilots within Fly Delta Virtual.