About this Hub

Heathrow Airport is located in London, United Kingdom and is a major International Airport for both passenger travel and cargo loads.
In 2019, Heathrow Airport statistically was the seventh busiest airport in the world by passenger traffic serving 80.8 million passengers, leading all of Europe.
SkyTeam Alliance, as well as Virgin Atlantic, is proud to call Heathrow their primary operating base for both passenger and cargo operations.

Fun Fact:

Heathrow is Fly Delta Virtual's newest hub!

Hub Operations Staff

Hub Manager

 DAL4862 David L

The Hub Manager is responsible for any and all hub operations pertaining to Amsterdam. The Hub Manager is responsible for approving PIREPs, as well as answering questions from hub pilots.

Assistant Hub Manager

 DAL4116 Richard J

The Assistant Hub Manager is responsible for hub operations pertaining to London. Their primary functions are to assist Hub Managers with the approval of PIREPs, and communications with pilots within Fly Delta Virtual.