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DAL459 - Anthony Scott

DAL804 - Mouad Semma

DAL126 - Benn Kelly

DAL154 - William Beaumont

DAL413 - Justin Edwards


Total Pilots: 718
Total Flights: 8,541
Total Flights Today: 19
Total Flight Hours: 33,060 hrs
Total Pax Carried: 3,082,317
Total Fuel Burned: 1,301,850,380 lbs
Total Flight Miles: 13,380,753 nm
Total Schedules: 18407

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Welcome To Fly Delta Virtual

Welcome to Fly Delta Virtual!


If you are a flight enthusiast who loves the flight simulator hobby as much as we do, then you've come to the right place!  We are here to take virtual aviation to the next level.


Here at Fly Delta Virtual, we are professionals, but we also know how to have a good time.  After all, this is a hobby and we want you to enjoy yourself.  Pilots at fDVA fly on FS2004, FS9, FSX, Prepar3d, X-Plane, and FlightGear.  We have over 18,000 routes to choose from including several code share routes with Skyteam Partners and beyond!  Can't find a flight there?  Check out our charter system, where you can charter your own flight in any aircraft, anytime, anywhere.  Our motto is fly ANY ROUTE with ANY PLANE at ANY TIME


Come see why fDVA stands out among the top Virtual Airlines.  We have something for everyone. 


Still not sure?  Come visit us on teamspeak ts3.flightunlimited.org

We invite you to join us and become part of a great group of flight enthusiasts.


Blue skies and happy landings!

-Fly Delta Virtual Staff




FDV is proud to present, a tour around the world - Wings Over the World!  There will be two versions of the tour - the LONG HAUL version and the SHORT HAUL version.  Click links for more details!





AUGUST Destination Of The Month : YSSY - SYDNEY



G'day mate! FDV is going down under as we visit Sydney for this month's destination of the month. Sydney was home to the 2000 Summer Olympic Games, which is one of the legs of our Olympic World Tour.

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Recent Arrivals

  Flight Pilot Dep Arr Time Aircraft Landing Status
QTRQTR110Shefat JamilOTHHOKBK01.19.27A320-118 f/mIn Flight
DALDAL122Lars-Petter Meyer BedinKIADESSA07.58B757-200-231 f/mIn Flight
DALDAL1345CChris Longo - LDKJFKKPHX04.46B737-800-177 f/mArrived
DALDAL10337Edwin CorreaKATLLFPG07.59B767-300-175 f/mArrived
HALHAL451Randy Dettmer - JFK HMPHNLYSSY09.58A320-98 f/mIn Flight
DALDAL240Nick Aitken - ATL HMKATLLIRF09.01B767-400-223 f/mIn Flight
DALDAL11745Chris SuttonLOWILIRF01.07BAE-146-102 f/mArrived
DALDAL17CWayne ChastainKPDXPAJN03.04.22B737-700-143 f/mIn Flight
QFAQFA7Chris Longo - LDYSSYKDFW15.54B747-800-436 f/mArrived
DALDAL12780Chris SuttonLOWWLOWI00.49B737-800-209 f/mArrived
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