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Minneapolis (KMSP)

About this Hub

KMSP Airport, or Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Wold-Chamberlain Field, is a joint military and civil use international airport located 10 miles outside the twin cities of Minneapolis and Saint-Paul Minnesota. It is named after two World War I pilots, Ernest Groves Wold and Cyrus Foss Chamberlain. It was built on what once was the Twin City Speedway.
KMSP was the home base for Northwest Airlines dating back to 1926. With their merger with Delta Air Lines in 2010, KMSP became, and still is to date, Delta’s second largest hub.

Fun Fact:

KMSP is the airport used during the filming of the movie "Airplane!"

Hub Operations Staff

Hub Manager

 Marcus Allen

The Hub Manager is responsible for any and all hub operations pertaining to Minneapolis. The Hub Manager is responsible for approving PIREPs, as well as answering questions from hub pilots.

Assistant Hub Manager

The Assistant Hub Manager is responsible for hub operations pertaining to Atlanta. Their primary functions are to assist Hub Managers with the approval of PIREPs, and communications with pilots within Fly Delta Virtual.