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General Edward Lawrence Logan Intl' (KBOS)

About this Hub

General Edward Lawrence Logan International Airport is located in the eastern part of Boston (and partly in the town of Winthrop), Massachusetts. It is the largest airport in New England and the seventeenth busiest airport in the United States. Covering 2,384 acres with six runways and four passenger terminals, Logan International employs approximately 16,000 people.

Fun Fact:

Boston is one of Fly Delta Virtual's smaller hubs. This does, however, have a silver lining. The lower pilot count means that your PIREPs will usually be accepted faster than if you were in a large hub such as Atlanta.

Hub Operations Staff

Hub Manager

 Eduardo Ramirez

The Hub Manager is responsible for any and all hub operations pertaining to Boston. The Hub Manager is responsible for approving PIREPs, as well as answering questions from hub pilots.

Assistant Hub Manager

The Assistant Hub Manager is responsible for hub operations pertaining to Atlanta. Their primary functions are to assist Hub Managers with the approval of PIREPs, and communications with pilots within Fly Delta Virtual.